UMC20: All of the Sounds (Oct. 12, 2021)

It took more time to come up with a headline for this installment of UMC20 than it took to construct the playlist itself. That’s because this one — and let’s be real, most installments of UMC20 — can’t be put into a single box.

A lot of these songs are here to feature artists on upcoming NashLive! shows, sure. However, that’s not all she wrote — we have some other fun surprises that we’ve snuck in, just for fun.

We’ll let you hunt through and find something you like. Get to it!

Track listing
Tee Walls – Chasing Stars
Keith Mosley – For This
Lord Goldie – Larry’s Reign
Mr. 110 ft. Rambo Lee – Wasted
Esquire – No Budget
Talia Stewart ft. Landon Sears – MONEY
Austin Blue – What a Mess
Krantz – Down Under
Wild Heart Club – Unhappy
Maddy Hicks – Pit Stop
Ahli – Famous
GAYLE – abcdefu
Jon Pattie – Dream On (Ivey Remix)
Audrey Jane – Madhouse
Notelle – Heads Will Roll
DISCOFOX ft. Rachel Horter – Who’s That?
The Mad Sugars – Drunk Food
Monte Mader – Imaginary Celebrity
The Ivins – Hide & Lie
StillCraft – Mine

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