UMC20: New Tunes and Looking Ahead (Oct. 19, 2021)

Last week was the best kind of whirlwind around here! We got to enjoy a couple of great NashLive! shows, and we picked up some steam featuring more of your music, more frequently. We even had time for some Fun -N- Games.

Seriously, go watch that episode. What a great and meaningful conversation!

With all of that going on, we’re still catching up to make sure the glorious future is just as good as the recent past. That’s why we’re a tiiiiny bit late getting this week’s UMC20 in your hands.

Nonetheless, we think it’s worth the minor wait. You’ll find plenty of that new goodness on here, as well as some tunes that hint toward the shows to come (including this MONSTER taking place at Mercy Lounge next week). There’s rock, Americana, dark pop, and way more. We dare you to dig in!

Track listing
The Mad Sugars ft. Gracie Calvaneso – Press Play
Sam Varga – Fall Down
Jordan Brooker – Lowlights
The Daily Fare – Fire Fueling Fire
Charles Ellsworth – Laundromat
Skylar Gregg – Drunk in Nashville
Arbo – When You Left
J.Antonette – White Lines
Quinn O’Donnell – About Last Summer
Tess – Bleed Gold
Chloe Hogan – Lips Like Cherry Wine
GAYLE – Orange Peel
Jimi Greene & Talia Stewart – When I Was a Young Girl
Austin Blue – The Mirror on Your Phone
Notelle – Sufjan Stevens
Spirits Republic – Kids
Alyssa Lazar – New Hustle
Lindzi – Nothing
Skylar Lee – Roman Holiday

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