Find Your Peace with Greg In Good Company’s ‘Just a Sunset’

Get lost in the wonders of nature with Greg in Good Company — and by “Good Company,” we mean MULTIPLE Gregs!

Greg in Good Company takes in the dreamlike splendors of the outdoors — both mountains and beach alike — in his new video for “Just a Sunset.” The visuals feature chief GIGC songsmith Greg Gilman enjoying the peace of a rocky coastline — that is, until he’s transported to Dreamland National Forest. Once there, he discovers a magical briefcase which transports him back to the start of his journey — although this time, he has a few new friends in tow.

As for the tune, “Just a Sunset” is a bright and carefree acoustic romp with Latin jazz rhythms and glorious, zen-like vocal harmonies. You won’t have to be on a beach or in the mountains to find refuge through this one. It may even help you discover the true peace that lies within.

Check out the video below. It was shot, edited, and directed by Dan Flesher, who also edited Burt Reynolds’ final film, The Last Movie Star. The single itself was produced by Mitchell Haeuszer of HAUS Music, with mastering performed by David Duarte.

Oh, and stay tuned for Greg In Good Company’s next single, “Better Days (Are in My Head),” set for release on Friday, November 12.

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