UMC20: The Best of October 2021

We’ve had a full month of new UMC20 playlists for the first time since May. You know what that means!

OK, in case you don’t know what that means: the last Tuesday of the month serves as a month-in-review for our weekly Spotify playlist, featuring the songs that you, the listener, seemed to enjoy the most throughout the month. This month, we did mix it up a bit — specifically, there are a couple of songs on here that didn’t appear on a previous edition of UMC20 this month. However, the artists behind them did, and we just felt like keeping you on your toes with a couple surprises this time around!

Let’s get to it, shall we? Here’s the Best of October!

Track listing
GAYLE – abcdefu
Notelle – Turnover Rate
Talia Stewart – Alcohol
Austin Blue – What a Mess
Chey Rose – coffee in the rain
Audrey Jane ft. Leo Rising – Zombie
Lindzi – Nothing
Skylar Lee – Roman Holiday
PuffHost – That’s Alright
Esquire – Feelz
Heru Heru – Uptown Bound
Mr. 110 ft. Rambo Lee – Wasted
DISCOFOX ft. Rachel Horter – Who’s That?
The Mad Sugars ft. Gracie Calvaneso – Press Play
Sam Varga – Fall Down
Jordan Brooker – Lowlights
The Ivins – Hide & Lie
StillCraft – Mine
Arbo – When You Left
J.Antonette – White Lines

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