Who & What is Music on The Move Studios?

It’s a legitimate question that we get asked often. Our (upcoming) website officially says:

“We believe that the ability to be exactly who you are and paint a picture of it with a melody, some chords, and lyrics shouldn’t be a luxury. Music must be available to anyone who wants it.”

But what does that mean exactly? Well, let me break it down for you…

It did, in fact, all start with a concert. 

An all-female showcase that is still going to this day! It has taken many forms (Thanks, COVID), and is currently monthly at City Winery. It comes complete with an all-female lineup, an all-female house band (The HellCats), and an all-female pop up market with a variety of female-owned businesses. Basically, it’s a giant celebration of the female entrepreneur in Nashville! (Side note: if you don’t consider yourself an entrepreneur as an independent artist, you should.) 

So there’s element one: The all-female showcase. 

Element 2? A virtual music education studio.

My business partner, Caitie Thompson, and I have been teaching separately for years. Once the pandemic hit, it all moved to virtual learning. Caitie and I were actually trading lessons back and forth when we came up with the idea of “Tune Up Tuesday”: a power-hour group Zoom class that had 30 minutes of me teaching voice, and 30 minutes of Caitie teaching guitar, for only $10 a lesson. We continued it for a few months and it was an absolute blast! That’s when we realized how well we worked together. So, we decided to join forces as one studio under the same name as the showcases. #Branding.

While I teach voice, songwriting, music business, and basic theory, Caitie teaches guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, music theory, songwriting, and more! (Multi-instrumentalists, am I right? Ha!) 

We knew we had to stand out over other studios. So, we decided to offer free webinars for our students themed “Everything you didn’t know you needed to know about being a musician.” We cover everything, from how to treat yourself as a business, to workouts specifically for musicians, and one this past September titled “Perfect Your Pitch” with UMC’s very own Gerard Longo! 

On top of that, we offer a complete database with a vocal warm-up library, articles, guitar and drum exercise PDFs, and videos for our students to use in between lessons. 

In September, we launched our very first “Do it Yourself Music Education” set of video suites, designed for the booked and busy musician who doesn’t have time to dedicate an hour each week to private lessons! Instead, they can have their very own beginner’s guide to voice and guitar, learning all of the beginning steps they would learn in their first month of lessons, but on their own time and their own schedule, and for a fraction of the cost of an hour-long lesson! 

Then, we have Paradox Jukebox and Music on The Move: the TV show…

Because apparently, we’re never satisfied with just doing one thing. 

Caitie Thompson recently launched Paradox Jukebox, an unconventional podcast for the unconventional music lover. She interviews independent artists and music business professionals, and dives deep into what they do, what their stories are, and really provides a look into the music industry that people don’t normally see or even notice! It’s a fantastic listen for anyone wanting to really understand what it’s like to be in this industry, whether you’re wanting to be in it, or you’re just curious. 

Then, there’s the TV show. Hosted by yours truly, I talk to female artists I’ve showcased during our live concerts, as well as female music industry professionals. Imagine if you took Ellen, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Jimmy Fallon, blended them all together, and added more music. That’s my show! We play games, we sing, and have a generally great time. The release date of that is still TBD so, stay tuned. 😉 

So, we do a lot… and we’re still growing! So, what are these articles all about?

One of my favorite things about this company is that we’re always open to new opportunities and seeing where that gets us. 

When Gerard asked me about collaborating, I couldn’t wait to say yes! I’ve been writing music education articles for the last year, and I’m so glad he’s giving me this corner of the internet to continue writing about that, about the female perspective in the music industry, and basically what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. 

To answer the question: Who are we and what are we? TL;DR version: we’re a women owned music company that’s slowly, but surely breaking all of the glass ceilings. 

So strap in, stay tuned, and get ready, y’all. It’s gonna be fun!

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