UMC20: No Hangover Here (Nov. 2, 2021)

How do you follow up one of the greatest months in UMC history? By ensuring that this month looks just as bright!

There’s no Halloween hangover. There’s no stopping this train following a 7-event month, where we also continued to Keep the Music Playing here in the digital space. It starts here and now, with the first UMC20 of November.

We had some submissions to catch up on (and no doubt, more where those came from). We also allotted some slots on this week’s playlist to the upcoming NashLive! shows that you’ll soon enjoy here in Nashville. There’s pop, rock, soul, Americana, and even a few songs that will get you in your feels.

Let’s mix it all into the gumbo pot and let it rip!

Track listing
The Wistful Larks – Hive Mind
Proud Scout – Sugar Rush
Paid Vacation – Political Girl
Ali Henderson – Regret
Sarah Manzo – My Ecstasy
Ahli – Love My Way
Catalina – Distance
Discofox – Sweet Love
Ryan Egan – Weeknights
Wild Heart Club – Arcade Back in Manitou
Jon Pattie – Your Path
Olivia Frances – Wind Chimes
Tess – Something Worthwhile
B Dayton – Supposed to Be
Alyssa Lazar – The Rose
Chloe Hogan – Why
Greg in Good Company – Just a Sunset
BrianT and the Sinister Hearts – Stealin’
Meghan VK – The Hearse

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