Opposites Don’t Always Attract: Hear Emmy Law’s New Single, “Black and White”

We all have that friend whom we adore, but whose differences preclude us from becoming “more than friends.” Emmy Law explores this realization on her new single, “Black and White.”

Now available on all streaming platforms, “Black and White” tells the story of a woman coming to terms with the fact that she and her hopelessly romantic friend are too opposite to be a match.

“The person who’s singing is being pursued,” Emmy said. “The guy is trying her out on every line, and she’s saying, ‘No, dude. It’s never going to happen.’”

Emmy delivers the message gently over a playful indie pop soundscape. The tune’s clean, emotive guitar tones and glowing synths were brought to life by New Jersey-based producer Shane Becker, who worked remotely with Emmy after an introduction from a mutual friend.

“I got Shane’s name from Josh Bonanno, who mixed my last EP, Bitter Heart,” Emmy said. “Shane has his own project called Indian Run. I love his music, and that’s why I worked with him.”

Creating from afar was a first for Emmy, and something that she calls “a fun creative exercise.” After recording vocals with Bonanno, Emmy worked with Becker over Zoom and Audiomovers to bring “Black and White” from conception to completion.

“At first, I was super hesitant to do a song this way, because up until this time, I’ve always been in the studio,” Emmy noted. “I was pleasantly surprised. I’m glad that I was open to it. It felt like a team effort.“

Sonically, “Black and White” marks an exciting new chapter for Emmy by adding a fresh, dreamy sensibility to the Georgia native’s sound. “I want the music to sound unique and not cookie cutter, and that was what I said to Shane when we started this process,” Emmy said. “’Black and White’ has the most creative production of any song that I’ve released. I’m really excited and proud of it.”

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