Songs You Should Hear: From Sydney with Love; Are You Part of the ‘Hive Mind’?

Sydney, as in Australia? Yup!

You’ll hear music from across the world below in a moment. You’ll also hear from a couple of talents grown closer to home. You might just fall in love, and you may even resolve to do so without the aid of the swipey apps after you get done listening to these…

Songs You Should Hear: Nov. 5, 2021

Artist: Lije.
Song: FNTY
Genre: R&B/Pop
Why You Should Listen: Hailing all the way from Sydney, Lije. comes to us from across the world with a universal message…

“I just wanted to remind myself that money and success should never change the way I am or who I am,” Lije. said. “I think I’ve seen too many times, where success can go to people’s heads and make them forget who they are and where they came from. So, in saying that, this song is a great reminder for me to do the opposite.”

Take those sentiments and place them over a fresh, neo-soul soundscape, and it makes for a tune we can get behind!

Artist: Sarah Manzo
Song: My Ecstacy
Genre: Pop/Soul
Why You Should Listen: Manzo’s supreme vocal talents are combined with an infectious bass line and soaring synths to create a fun, dreamy track that brings forth all of the best late-night vibes. This one feels like falling boundlessly in love. Whether it’s just for tonight or forever is up to the beholder.

Artist: The Wistful Larks
Song: Hive Mind
Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock
Why You Should Listen: Ever felt overly dependent on technology? Have you ever “swiped in circles?” This new single from the Chicago-bred, Nashville-based rock trio is based on “the idea of our collective thoughts being influenced by technology and affecting our in-person interactions. Heavy, swirling guitars and relentless drums sonically illustrate the cycles — digital or otherwise — that only we can break.

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