PREMIERE: The Sewing Club’s First Video Brings ‘Clarity’

We’ll once again be graced with The Sewing Club’s presence next month as part of this fun NashLive! rock bill at Cobra. While we wait, we still have the opportunity to see their smiling faces, by way of their new music video for “Clarity.”

The video — shot at Polychrome Ranch, owned by Jared Corder of *repeat repeat — is the band’s first official music video. The rock quartet stayed true to their DIY roots, recording their own adventures on a camcorder before stitching it all together.

Lyrically, “Clarity” calls out the immature, unaccountable people in our lives who take and take, but who never seem to give. The hard-driving garage rock tune begins with a lo-fi dreamy sensibility, before the chorus kicks in with loud guitars and a big-league hook brought to life by Corder’s production wizardry. In all, “Clarity” brings forth a timeless alternative rock sensibility, with the power and relatability to reach generations of fans.

Ready for “Clarity?” Watch the video below!

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