UMC20: Something New (Nov. 9, 2021)

New songs. New artists (or at least, artists making their first-ever UMC20 appearances). It’s all here, and it’s all fresh.

For real — all of you who have been submitting lately are cooking with gas. Visiting our submission form is a true joy these days, because it always seems like there are at least a couple stellar new jams with every new visit.

(By the way, if you’re looking to get in on the fun, that’s definitely the way you should be submitting your music. Just throwin’ it out there…)

Anyway, speaking of the fun, let’s waste no time having it. Find your new favorite song below!

Track listing:
Micky James – Not Okay
Beyond Here – Feel Bad
The Dirty Delusions – Alone
The Sewing Club – Clarity
Wild Heart Club – Glitter on the Drum
Alyssa Lazar – New Hustle
PJ LaMariana – Cold War
Chloe Hogan – Lips Like Cherry Wine
S-Wrap & Rashad thaPoet – Sleep
STAV G – Leaves
Estella Dawn – Vixen
PI3RCE – Till Death
Emmy Law – Black and White
Jeffrey James – Sober
Caitlin Quisenberry – Love Her Out of My Head
Nathan Evans Fox – Carolina Boy
Stacy Kelleher ft. Davin Kingston – ILY and I Can’t Say It
Max Swan – Runaway
Lije. – FNTY
Ali Henderson – make me miss u

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