LISTEN: On ‘Vixen,’ Estella Dawn Finds Her Swagger

If you’ve listened to this week’s UMC20, you may have had the chance to enjoy “Vixen,” the new single from New Zealand-born pop artist Estella Dawn.

If you haven’t, you should really get on that… because this one is a premier example of everything pop music can and should be.

“Vixen” is a mighty, unapologetic tune that invites us to own every part of who we are. The self-produced anthem was inspired by Estella’s own experiences breaking out of her shell, and the freeing feeling of finding comfort within her own skin.

“I’ve come to a place where I no longer want to refine myself into less than I am just to make other people feel more comfortable,” she said.

Instrumentally, “Vixen” is loaded with swagger, courtesy of forward-marching drum tracks and fuzzy guitars that give the single its rock and roll edge. Matching that confidence is Estella’s lively vocal performance — the singer shows off her impressive range while holding nothing back, delivering every word with soul and conviction.

Through it all, “Vixen” is a call for listeners everywhere to express their authentic selves — no matter who they are.

“I think there’s a lot of pressure on people to present themselves in a proper, gentle, and socially acceptable way. Because of this, people often feel the need to hide their sexual diversity and desires, sometimes only feeling safe to truly express themselves in closeted or underground environments — even when there’s a risk of being ‘discovered’ and shamed,” she said. “For me, being assertive when you’re a woman is often misconstrued as being bossy or bitchy, and talking about sex or showing off your body opens the door to having your morals criticized. I wrote ‘Vixen’ as a way to shed my own fears around my body and my sexuality.”

Embrace your own fearlessness, and let “Vixen” be the soundtrack to your awakening!

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