‘Them vs. The World’: Watch Micky James’ Video for ‘Not Okay’

Nobody said growing up is easy. It’s even harder when it involves growing apart.

“Not Okay” — the new music video from glam rocker Micky James — depicts a young couple (portrayed by Stephen Solomon and Katy O’Connell) growing up in a mundane, often-uninspiring suburban existence. They first meet when they lock eyes in a library, and it doesn’t take long for the pair to become inseparable. However, no honeymoon phase lasts forever; conflict soon arises between the two, and “the drift” begins to set in.

“I wanted to create a narrative based video featuring two young adults that are a couple growing up in suburbia,” James said. “It’s them versus the world, and they are each other’s only light in a dark, frustrating existence. A series of shots showing this dynamic between them and how it comes into everyday life. Aesthetically, I wanted to present this feeling of nostalgia and melancholy. Early John Hughes films came to mind.”

James brought his vision to life by enlisting the help of creative director Benjamin Lieber.

“Ben took this idea and was successful at executing it,” James said. “I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.”

Reminisce about young love with us. Check out “Not Okay” below!


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