Songs You Should Hear: Don’t ‘Sleep’ Too Long; STAV G’s Lucid Dream

This week’s Songs You Should Hear showcases the broad scope of the music out there for all of us — from the more traditional, to the completely unorthodox.

We love it when we get to paint from a broad palette like this — it keeps things interesting, and certainly, it gives all of our ears something new to appreciate — no matter your flavor.

Let’s start this weekend right!

Songs You Should Hear: Nov. 12, 2021

Artist: Jamestown Revival
Song: These Days
Genre: Americana/folk
Why You Should Listen: This downtempo, bluegrass-y waltz is a recollection of “the dog days of the past two years, feeling stranded and unable to work.” Produced by Robert Ellis, “These Days” projects the world-weary feeling we’ve all felt, as we’ve navigated unprecedented times across the globe.

Artist: S-Wrap and Rashad thaPoet
Song: Sleep
Genre: Spoken Word
Why You Should Listen: From their collaborative spoken word album, The Other Side, “Sleep” contains an important, deftly-delivered message over a mellow soul instrumental: our destinies are entirely up to us. If we want to succeed, we must wake up and take action.

Artist: STAV G
Song: Leaves
Genre: Indie rock/alternative
Why You Should Listen: According to STAV G, “Leaves” is “inspired by a vivid dream featuring the physical manifestation of an internal being unraveling. The song externalizes the inner thoughts and emotions, visualized as notes and leaves drafted in the wind.” Much like a lucid dream, this song is an unpredictable, surrealist journey; one which borrows influence from a multitude of Mediterranean and western sources.

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