REVIEW: Trevor Larkin – Once and Future Queen

A song for the hopeless romantics and the emotionally attached, Trevor Larkin’s new single, “Once and Future Queen,” celebrates a love story whose final page has been turned, but is fondly remembered 

I sing to you sometimes 
In this broken dream of mine 
Somewhere all through this pain 
I know that you love me in your own way

You may not know his name, but you are probably familiar with his body of work. Trevor Larkin’s musical career has taken him all over the world and into the living rooms of most Americans watching late night TV. As an original member of the Allen Stone band, his experience and hard work in the industry is quite impressive, and has gained him a breadth of musical relationships, friendships, and opportunities. At the start of quarantine, Trevor began to dedicate his time to personal projects centering around musical and inner growth.

“’Once and Future Queen’ is the fourth and final single of my informal quarantine project, using the downtime as best I could to embrace mixing, engineering and producing my own music again,” Trevor explains. “I feel like it’s the most cohesive song I’ve released so far; the best representation of all the new techniques I’ve learned and musical friendships made during one of the most surreal and challenging times any artist could face. Like so many of us, I’ve had to pivot and rebuild, and I resisted the forced change for a while. But now, I can’t imagine my life without this music, and the freedom to make and share it however I choose.” 

Many of the relationships mentioned above have a hand in the production of this song. “Once and Future Queen” was co-produced alongside Matt Musty, who is the drummer for Train.

“Once and Future Queen features the most additional musicians of any song I’ve released.” Trevor said. “It’s wonderful that a song written about lost love and loneliness evolved into a celebration of friendship, and a reminder of how many brilliant people love and believe in me.”

Check out these performer credits below:

  • Alex Bachari (electric guitar)
  • Tyler Carroll (bass)
  • Matt Musty (drums and background vocals)
  • Alison Tavel (background vocals)
  • Drew Taubenfeld (electric guitar and pedal steel)
  • Gideon Klein (strings)
  • Single artwork by Justin Kelley
  • Stop motion animation by Sigmund Washington

Take a listen!

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