LISTEN: Andrew LaVogue’s ‘Remember When’ Feels Like Home

Although he now resides in Portland, ME, Andrew LaVogue’s latest single takes us back to where his journey began.

“Remember When” is a warm, instrumental ode to LaVogue’s native region of northeast Ohio. The single presents LaVogue’s primitive guitar stylings in their purest form, inviting the listener to feel as though they’re in the moment, sharing the same space as the artist.

“This tune is me trying to reminisce about where I’m from, with a more positive perspective,” LaVogue said. “I used to have an immature view of where I’m from, but with some personal growth, I’ve found the beauty in it.”

If you’re in New England, you’ll have a couple of chances to catch Andrew in the new year. He’s headed to Radiobean in Burlington, VT on Thursday, January 13. Then, he’ll return to Portland to perform at Blue on Friday, February 18.

Learn more about Andrew here, and take a trip back in time with “Remember When” below!

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