UMC20: Thankful for These Songs (Nov. 23, 2021)

November is a five-Tuesday month this year, which means we get to enjoy a bonus edition of UMC20. And, with a holiday week upon us, I thought I’d take it upon myself to mix it up and do things a little differently.

Without question, 2021 has held its share of transformative moments for me. I did take the leap into taking this UMC thing full-time, after all. Any entrepreneur knows that when you decide to take that risk, you must ride the waves — and some are more volatile than others. I’ve definitely swum through my share of choppy waters this year, as I’ve navigated this strange, new ocean of really beginning to build the thing here in Nashville, once and for all.

Without question, any journey like this one will present moments that require you to dig deep and remember why you started. I started down this road as a fan, and because, through the years, music has powered me through some of the most pivotal moments of my life.

2021 has, in itself, been a pivotal moment. As the year winds down and it becomes time to reflect, I began thinking about some of the songs that have inspired me to push ahead.

You may recognize a few of these names from prior coverage (and prior editions of UMC20). You may recognize some because, well, they’re huge artists. Some may be new to you. You’ll find songs released this year, as well as some that weren’t. The oldest song here is from 1990!

What they all have in common: I am thankful for the role each of them has played in my personal 2021. Today — and for the rest of the week — I share them with you.

Track listing
The Record Company – Life to Fix
Linkin Park – When They Come For Me
Dirty Heads – Super Moon
Arkells ft. K. Flay – You Can Get It
The Dirty Delusions – Dreams
Von Boyage – Laissez Faire
Kacey Musgraves – justified
The Weeknd – Blinding Lights
Logic – City of Stars
New Kids on the Block – Games (The Kids Get Hard Mix)
twenty one pilots – No Chances
The Seige – Arise
Puddles! – Feel 4 Free
Superpink – Oh, Marianna
Through the Roots ft. Lutan Fyah – At Peace
Ben Tyler & Jason Reif – I Won’t Back Down
Greg in Good Company – Just a Sunset
Timothy Myles – Strangers
Our Lady Peace – Life (Acoustic)
Charles Ellsworth – Trouble

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