UMC20: New Faces, Exciting Places, and a Dash of Holiday Cheer

Want new faces on this week’s edition of UMC20? We have plenty of first-timers who made the cut on our weekly playlist!

Want exciting places? About 30% of this week’s UMC20 is dedicated to artists on this week’s upcoming, UMC-affiliated shows, including Red Bull SoundClash at Marathon Music Works, and this Friday’s high-energy rock bill at Cobra, presented by NashLive!

And, because it’s the season, we’ve started to pepper some holiday cheer into the mix this week!

There’s something here that you’re sure to love. Perhaps even multiple somethings. Why don’t you go ahead and find out for yourself?

Track listing
Sly Boy – In Darkness
The Sewing Club – My Dad Wants You Dead
Tiger Sex – Buy Me A Drink
Chase Tremaine – Fear Not Want
Doc. Henry – Mid-July
Jake Wesley Rogers – Middle of Love
Bren Joy – Henny in the Hamptons
Caitlin Quisenberry – O, Holy Night
Emmy Law – Different This Year
Andrew LaVogue – Remember When
Annalise Curtin – Heading Out Soon
Jillian Dawn – For the Night
Tall Man Standing – Countryman
Dustin Saucier – Dahlias
Makar – Devil Don’t Do Me In
Trevor Larkin – Once and Future Queen
Lurve – I Hate Your Face
Arula – Alive Now

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