LISTEN: Arula is ‘Alive Now’

Though difficult to endure in the moment, hopeless and lonely feelings are often the catalysts that lead us to our most powerful breakthroughs. This type of ascension-from-the-ashes is explored on “Alive Now,” the latest single from San Francisco-based avant-pop artist Arula.

“Alive Now” sweeps in with low synths and rich, haunting vocals which bring a brooding, cinematic sensibility to the track. As we continue to listen, we notice new layers slowly filtering into the soundscape, creating an intense crescendo which illustrates a triumphant resurgence following a period of darkness.

“I love the long haunting intro; it’s a bit deceiving because it starts with this feeling of calm, but the energy of the song picks up halfway through,” Arula said. “This is a tactic that I use often, and some would say it’s not exactly a ‘smart move,’ because I chose to save the most ‘commercial’ parts for later in the song. However, I stay true to my influences and what I like; I appreciate the mystery and the patience it encourages. You could say it’s like the tantric path of songwriting.”

The creative process for “Alive Now” began in 2018 and continued through 2020, as much of the world dealt with the difficult realities of pandemic life.

“It is a reflection of themes that many of us have felt over the past two years,” Arula said. “It is a message of how the sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness that we feel at times can be alchemized into art and creativity.”

Ready to feel “Alive Now?” Take a listen!

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