PHOTOS: The Sewing Club, SHELBYY, Tiger Sex, and Sly Boy at The Cobra

Friday night’s NashLive! show was our final one at Cobra in 2021, and we closed the year there with a bang!

If you were there, you know that Friday’s show was a hard-hitting quadruple-header featuring the diverse lineup of garage rockers The Sewing Club; the hard-rocking SHELBYY and The Cobras; Cincinnati-based, internationally-known punks Tiger Sex; and the dark, genre-fluid ambiance of Sly Boy.

Speaking as a music fan, what I loved about this particular lineup is that each artist put their own unique stamp on the evening. The mellow, 90s-alt-flavored stylings of The Sewing Club were the perfect way to lead us into the bold, swaggering presence of SHELBYY and The Cobras. Speaking of presence, Tiger Sex proved once more why they’ve secured themselves a cult following throughout the U.S. and beyond with their brand of hellraising, unapologetic rock and roll. Then, the late night took a vibey turn, with Sly Boy delivering an enrapturing performance that set a tone as pensive as the midnight hour.

We’ve got one more for you before we close out 2021. It’s on New Year’s Eve at The East Room, and you can get your early bird tickets over here. And, since that link opens in a new tab, you can do that while enjoying our gallery below!

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