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Stop Burning Yourself Out (Solo Mission #2)

Focusing on your passion is a noble pursuit — however, your passion is only one part of life’s puzzle.

This Quinn Spinn Solo Mission poses a very important question: what are you doing to achieve balance and meet your own needs, so that you can continue showing up as the best version of you, in business and in life?


New Skills for Musicians to Learn in 2022

This January, we’ve taken a weekly tour through some of the most important New Year’s Resolutions for musicians. We’ve discussed everything from co-writing, to maintaining accountability toward our goalsto the fears that we must overcome to achieve our desired levels of success.

The question remains, though: how can we actively ensure our own growth on a daily basis? What are the techniques and skills we need to learn to develop not only as artists, but creative professionals?

I’ve got a few ideas, and I compiled them into a list below. Let’s explore!

TONIGHT: A Belated New Year’s Experience at The East Room

Our entire focus turns to The East Room tonight. That is the site of NashLive!’s A Night to Remember: A Belated New Year’s Experience, sponsored by Commons Cannabis and hosted by Music City Movement.

We have a few reminders and housekeeping items to go over, as we set sail for adventure and make this one happen, better late than never!

Get The Info

Get Your First Taste of The Z-Man Experience!

Zach Cleven is a Midwestern-born musician who has toured the country, playing notable venues across the nation including Rockwood Music Hall and the legendary Bluebird Cafe. In the process, he has shared his passion for music via lively stage shows and deft musicianship rolled into a style he calls “scat-acoustic-funk.”

Through it all, Zach has remained true to himself and his artistic vision, which he now presents to us through the lens of The Z-Man Experience.

Hear “Give It Away”

UMC20: The Best of January 2022

It’s the last Tuesday of the first month of 2022, which means it’s time to bring you the month’s hottest fire.

January brought plenty of fun to us — and not just on Sunday Funday. The year’s opening statement was a strong one, and proved that people are coming to play in 2022 — and hopefully, more and more artists will find themselves able to come out and play live, as long as ‘rona doesn’t get in the way.

We’ll remember January 2022 as an exciting start to the year. Hear why we feel that way below!

Listen to the Best of January

An Educational Conversation About the Cannabis and Robotics Industries with Calvin Gee and Sydney Smith

On this week’s episode of The Quinn Spinn, we welcome Calvin Gee and Sydney Smith of Commons Cannabis for an educational conversation that breaks down misconceptions about the cannabis industry. Calvin is also the CEO of Graisin Robotics, and offers us insights into the future of work and artificial intelligence, and the crossover between his two companies. And, of course, we chat about the Commons Cannabis-sponsored NashLive! event, A Night to Remember: A Belated New Year’s Experience, taking place on Friday, January 28 at The East Room.


Crowdfunding Spotlight: With ‘Tarantula,’ Misty Dawn is Weaving an Empowering Story

The artist featured within our first-ever UMC Crowdfunding Spotlight is weaving a thoughtful and intricate web…

Misty Dawn is a singer-songwriter and entrepreneur with an extensive background in musical theatre and television. After spending a decade in New York City, The Texas native came to Nashville and developed a sound and style she calls “Show Country.” Misty draws influence from her vast and varied performing arts experience, while finding musical inspiration from jazz, showtunes, oldies, church hymns and — of course — classic country artists like Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, Kitty Wells, and Patsy Cline.

Misty has launched a crowdfunding campaign through February 14 (that’s Valentine’s Day!) for her upcoming project, Tarantula, an 8-song concept album tentatively set for release this fall. Tarantula will honor all of Misty’s influences — with a dash of soul and swing — as it walks the thematic tightrope between societal expectations and a woman’s pursuit of her dreams.

Learn more about Tarantula below the jump, and check out these links to support Misty and learn more.

Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | The Muse Mind

Learn about ‘Tarantula’
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