UMC20: Welcome to 2022 (Jan. 4, 2022)

Happy New Year! 2022 is only a few days old, and we are here to celebrate the fresh new possibilities before us with a new edition of our UMC20 playlist!

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve delivered an all-new UMC20. We gave you an updated Holiday Hits playlist a couple weeks back, followed by the 2021 edition of our UMC50 year-end compilation.

Now that we’ve celebrated the holidays, it’s about time we start telling the story of 2022. NashLive! shows will certainly be a part of that story, and we have a few upcoming lineups represented below, alongside exciting new submissions and selections. Let’s waste no time digging in!

Track listing
Jasce – Trial
Cameron Floyd – Never Be
Dave Mohan – And When the Darkness Comes
Chelsea Burns – Same Old Thing
Soheill – The Doorway
Krantz – Louisiana
Old Tom & The Lookouts – Love in a Hospital
Ryan Jesse – Like I Do
Coleman Rigg & The Ridgerunners – Getaway
StillCraft – Whiskey in D
Los Fears – Going to Bratislava
Chase Tremaine – Q2FN
Dustin Saucier – Short Sighted
YEARLOVE – Somebody to Love Me
Forts Like Vana – BAD BLOOD (Xtended)
Ali Henderson – make me miss u
Julia Kahn – Breathe
Audrey Jane – If You Wanna Fight
Juliana Hale – CRAZY
Rose Starring – Bargaining

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