New in 2022: D.U.M.B. Luck Rains ‘Banana Buckets’ Down from the Heavens

If 2022 has fun and interesting releases in store for us like the latest single from D.U.M.B. Luck, we’re about to have an incredible year!

The Philly-based duo has visited from the year 2070 to bring us “Banana Buckets,” an alluring blend of neo-soul, funk, and modern jazz. A playful, pre-programmed drumbeat sets the tone from the start and inspires the single’s title, as it mimics “the hefty congas that Donkey Kong slaps around in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.” From there, a hip hop-inspired bass groove gives us the easy feeling of “a coastal drive into the setting sun.”

In fact, this soundscape is sunny and carefree enough to take us away from the fact that “Banana Buckets” is a song that navigates the stormy seas of love.

“‘Banana Buckets’ has become a song of respite for me—whether I’m driving through a beach town or walking in the rain, it lulls me into a meditative and peaceful place,” said bassist Jack Correll. “That being said, the arrangement is dynamic enough to tell a relaxing story, without letting me fall asleep.”

Meditate on this one. Enjoy “Banana Buckets” below!

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