Songs You Should Hear: Cameron Floyd Finds a New Sound; Leilani Kilgore Breaks Your Heart

To say we’re pumped about a fresh new year of music and possibilities is an understatement. We’re already seeing the submission form fill up with new reasons for excitement in 2022, and we can’t wait to keep digging in!

With that said, we have some songs from later in 2021 that still need to receive their proper UMC love. So, Jenna and I have teamed up once again to present some of those as…

Songs You Should Hear: Jan. 7, 2022

Artist: Amy Darling
Song: Lip Service
Genre: Pop/Rock
Jenna says: If you’re suffering from the post-holiday blues, forget all about them with this banger of a tune. Amy’s sassy, vivacious energy will permeate any mood and lift it to peak foot-tapping mode.

Artist: Cameron Floyd
Song: Never Be
Genre: Synth pop/new wave
Gerard says: Many moons ago, before the plague was a twinkle in our eyes, we met Cameron Floyd back in the days of the Top Writer Series at True Music Room. Since then, we’ve followed his journey as he’s uncovered new layers of artistry. This newest layer — a dreamy synth-pop tune which recalls lost love through the lens of what could have been — is perhaps his most exciting yet.

Artist: Leilani Kilgore
Song: I’m Gonna Leave You
Genre: Rock
Jenna says: What can we say? Leilani is a badass. On “I’m Gonna Leave You,” her powerful guitar skills are given the spotlight, with hooky licks throughout and a dynamic solo for good measure. Don’t fall for her, ’cause you know she’s just gonna break your heart. 

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