New in 2022: Half Shadow’s Enchanting ‘Song for the Garden’

Listening to Half Shadow’s avant garde musical stylings is the sonic version of looking through a kaleidoscope. Each piece of art presents unique, vibrant, and purposeful layers that dance together in one unified, magnificent tapestry.

If that sounds alluring to you, you’ll definitely want to immerse yourself in Half Shadow’s latest single. “Song for the Garden” is a windswept, cosmic ballad that began as an abstract poem in the notebook of Half Shadow songsmith Jesse Carsten. From there, the tune expanded into a meditative psychedelic folk journey which “celebrate(s) the growth of all things.” Each instrumental layer — tied together at the base by Carsten’s soothing vocal and entrancing acoustic guitar progression — breathes new life into the soundscape, just as the bloom of each new flower adds to the color palette of the Earth.

Even more impressive is that the entire effort was entirely self-produced, with additional support from experimental musician and drag performer Yaara Valley, who added backing vocals and bellowing flugelhorn accents to the mix.

It’s early, but we think we’ve already found one of 2022’s most intriguing new releases. Listen to “Song for the Garden” below!

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