PREMIERE: Feeling Blue? ‘Lavender’ from The Minks is the Remedy

Inspired by the difficult times we’ve all faced over the last couple years, The Minks‘ new single, “Lavender,” is a mantra; it’s encouragement to give yourself a little medicine and let it do its trick. 

The lyrics of “Lavender” carry hints of both desperation and hope. Literally speaking, the herb can be used as a cure for anxiety, but metaphorically speaking, the song’s message refers to allowing yourself the space to ask for, take, and bask in what you need. 

“I don’t know what I’ll find when I look outside my Venetian blinds

So, pour me some lavender upon my head.”

The Minks, Lavender

Just like its topic, the song itself is soothing. Frontwoman Nikki Barber’s wailing Janis Joplin-like vocals, paired with fuzzy guitar licks and a smooth melody, will have you drifting away from reality in search of what you’re looking for.

The song’s accompanying music video gives off the same light, airy, and ethereal feelings. According to Barber, the video — shot by Joshua Shoemaker and visually conceptualized by the band alongside with artist Anna Pollock — “showcases the blooming of one’s mind and body when the proper care has been taken.”

The release of “Lavender” leads into a new chapter for the band, with a fuller-bodied sound and richer rhythm. You’ll continue to hear that through the release of their upcoming second full-length album, set to release in the spring, with extensive touring to follow.

“Lavender” is available for streaming and download on all platforms. Limited edition lathe-cut 7 inch vinyls will be available for pre-order on their website, along with other special merchandise.

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