UMC20: Weird, Wild, and Wonderful (Jan. 11, 2022)

Full disclosure: I try to avoid describing “this week’s UMC20” as having “something for everyone,” because truthfully, they all do. Every last one of ’em, to the best of our ability, will bring the variety, as well as the heat. Pointing it out seems cliche, at this point.

However… this week’s edition is particularly interesting, because of some of the genre-bending adventures you’ll be taking. Right in the middle of the playlist, we have some avant garde selections that are sure to intrigue.

With that said, we’ve got something for you, no matter your flavor. Go get yourself some!

Track listing
ViB, Lord Goldie, & Foundation Mecca – Sunday Funday
JP The Truth ft. Johnny Innuendo & Manny Slum – Same Ole Song
Julia Kahn – Life Lessons in the Parking Lot
Audrey Jane – Ghosts
Rose Starring – Anger
Savanna Leigh – my fault (alternate version)
Ton-E – The Corner Bodega Scene 1
Hate Moss – Fog
D.U.M.B. Luck – Banana Buckets
Gentle Party – God Complex
Half Shadow – Song for the Garden
High Tea – Let’s Make a List
Ren Richards – Think Before I Sing
Cat Stone – Take It In
The Minks – Lavender
Beau Burnette – Borrow Tomorrow
The Mad Sugars – Dizzy on the Floor
Amy Darling – Lip Service
Glamper – Snackworld
Leilani Kilgore – I’m Gonna Leave You

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