PHOTOS: Julia Kahn, Audrey Jane, and Rose Starring at The 5 Spot

The 2022 NashLive! season kicked off this past Friday in spectacular fashion.

The 5 Spot was the scene of this endeavor, where we were blessed with the presence of Julia Kahn, Audrey Jane, and Rose Starring on this chilly January night. The show was the latest in a series of NashLive! events highlighting Nashville’s growing, thriving community of female pop artists, showcasing the many different musical flavors to be found within the genre.

Kahn was up first, following her NashLive! debut a few months back at The East Room. The Indianapolis native set the tone, bringing her vibrant, ultra-vibey electropop soundscapes to life with nuanced musicianship and heartfelt storytelling, leaving the audience rapt in attention throughout her set.

Next up was Audrey Jane, whose confidence and versatility was on full display throughout a 45-minute set that featured, among other tunes, songs from her recently-released Madhouse EP. Her set also featured dynamic choreography, covers of hits from Dua Lipa and Lil Nas X, and a tight rhythm section that added new, groovy layers to her high-energy tunes.

Rose Starring then came on to close out the night, delivering a vulnerable performance centered on tracks from her 2021 concept EP, Stages of Grief. Starring also delivered some alt-rock edge with her closing set, which included a surprise cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” that fit well with the emotional content of her original tunes.

We’ll be back at it on Friday, January 28, when the belated NashLive! New Year’s Experience comes to The East Room. You can get tickets to that one here, and you can check out photos from our evening at The 5 Spot below!

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