UMC20: UMC Birthday Edition (Jan. 18, 2022)

It feels good to be alive today!

On this day six years ago, in the small, plucky former industrial city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a regional music blog was born. It was called Lehigh Valley Underground, and it would go on to cover some cool festivals, win some local awards, and become a pretty legit community resource.

Then, toward the end of 2018, LVU changed its name, moved to Nashville, and became the Underground Music Collective you know and love today. The rest, as they say, is independent music history.

And, because we find ourselves in a celebratory mood on this sixth anniversary of Launch Day, it’s only fitting that we have a brand new UMC20 playlist for you. We’ve combed the depths of our submission form and inboxes, and we also decided to show some love to the artists on next Thursday’s Music on the Move showcase at Analog Nashville, just for fun.

Track listing
Ele Ivory – Drama Club Days
EvyIvy – Rhythm (Montany Remix)
The Daily Fare – The Runaround
J.Antonette – Mean Well (Acoustic)
Trace Jory – Awake the Giant
Charlotte Morris – Not Mine Anymore
Steve Everett – The Only Way
Sleep Away Camp – Call Me While You’re Open
Gold Steps – Stay the Same
Regent – Let’s Go Out
The Derevolutions – Reggie X-Ray
The Suicide Notes – Snakes Grin Within
AstroGun – Sugar Free
Star2 – Thinkin Bout You
Mikalyn – Ready to Love You
Kodiak Arcade – Why Pretend
Codi Dillon – Killer Baby Doll
ollie – selfish
Tee Walls – Bipolar
Heru Heru – Make the Devil Hide

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