Songs You Should Hear: Emo’s Second Golden Age; Introspection and Melancholy

With a title like that, you know you’re in for some tunes that will make you feel all of the feels this week!

Art is expression, and sometimes, musicians have difficult emotions to express. We have a good handful of emotionally-charged tunes this week that will surely help you release what you’ve been holding in.

Breathe deep and get ready for these…

Songs You Should Hear: Jan. 21, 2022

Artist: Gold Steps
Song: Stay the Same
Genre: Rock/Alternative/Emo
Gerard says: Signs are all around that we are entering the second golden age of emo. Named one of Alternative Press’ “10 unsigned bands to keep an eye on in 2021,” this Milwaukee-based band is at the forefront of the new era with hard-hitting, heartfelt anthems like this one.

Artist: Ollie
Song: Selfish
Genre: Hip Hop/Pop
Gerard says: One thing I can appreciate about the current state of popular music is the increasing honesty making its way back into lyricism. Ollie’s new ballad is a beautiful example; one which paints a vivid picture of the inner struggles of an introvert trying to get out of his own way.

Seems a lot of other people are picking up what Ollie is putting down, too — at press time, he has upwards of one million monthly Spotify listeners, with “Selfish” already approaching a quarter million streams.

Artist: The Wistful Larks
Song: Hot Chocolate
Genre: Alternative Rock
Gerard says: Hearkening back to the more melancholy days of 1960s rock and roll, the latest tune from the Nashville-based trio was written about the cold, empty feelings associated with a breakup. According to the band, “Hot Chocolate” was “recorded first in the studio raw with no click, and then overdubbed with mountains of guitar tracks to make the ending as huge as it demanded to be.” Get ready for a flood of emotions when it hits!

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