UMC20: The Best of January 2022

It’s the last Tuesday of the first month of 2022, which means it’s time to bring you the month’s hottest fire.

January brought plenty of fun to us — and not just on Sunday Funday. The year’s opening statement was a strong one, and proved that people are coming to play in 2022 — and hopefully, more and more artists will find themselves able to come out and play live, as long as ‘rona doesn’t get in the way.

We’ll remember January 2022 as an exciting start to the year. Hear why we feel that way below!

Track listing
ViB, Lord Goldie, & Foundation Mecca – Sunday Funday
JP The Truth ft. Johnny Innuendo & Manny Slum – Same Ole Song
Tee Walls – Bipolar
Jasce – Trial
Cameron Floyd – Never Be
Chelsea Burns – Same Old Thing
Soheill – The Doorway
Ele Ivory – Drama Club Days
EvyIvy – Rhythm (Montany Remix)
Charlotte Morris – Not Mine Anymore
Old Tom & The Lookouts – Love in a Hospital
Los Fears – Going to Bratislava
Gold Steps – Stay the Same
Ren Richards – Think Before I Sing
The Minks – Lavender
Glamper – Snackworld
D.U.M.B. Luck – Banana Buckets
Half Shadow – Song for the Garden
The Daily Fare – The Runaround
J.Antonette – Mean Well (Acoustic)

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