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UMC20: Brighter Days Are Ahead (March 1, 2022)

The sun is shining here in Nashville. Temps are on the rise. The long (yet short), arduous month of February is over. It appears as though spring is well on its way.

You know what else is always well on its way? Brand new music from independent artists near and far. And let us tell ya, we’ve got some choice cuts for you on this week’s UMC20. We rock hard, we vibe out, we get a little unorthodox, and then we bring it on home with some Americana.

This week’s playlist is what the wild, wonderful world of independent music is all about. Get acquainted below!

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Embracing Technology’s Role in the Modern Music Industry

As we progress through 2022, we find ourselves smack in the middle in an exciting, dynamic, and ever-evolving creative landscape. After years of traditional music industry dominance, power is now moving back into the hands of the individual creator, with new tools constantly emerging to help musicians (and artists of all disciplines) get the most out of their careers, on their terms.

However, as the famed philosopher Ben Parker once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” To get the most out of the modern digital landscape, not only does it behoove us to use these tools – we must be willing to understand them in the first place. Then (and only then) will we get the most out of these tools, and find ourselves in prime position to locate bigger and better opportunities.

Songs You Should Hear: International Flavors; Spring Approaches

We felt it was important to highlight a couple of international artists this week, because we are all one, global community. That goes for music and everything else. We stand for peace and unity across countries and cultures here at UMC.

In tandem with that, we received some excellent, dynamic submissions from artists who originated on the other side of the Atlantic this week. So, let’s expand those horizons — before we bring it back home — with some Songs You Should Hear!

Hear What You Should

Give What You Wish to Receive (Solo Mission #6)

Every action has — or at least, should have — an equal, yet opposite reaction.

With that said, keep this in mind: you cannot receive the energy that you are not willing to give.

Opening theme: REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become
Closing theme: TYM ft. Timothy Myles – Watch Your Back

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UMC20: The Best of February 2022

Today is Tuesday, 2/2/22. Just wanted to point that out…

It’s also the final Tuesday of the month, which means that it’s time for a recap of some of the month’s most fire jams. February may be a short month, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t packed with great cuts and, ultimately, some tough decisions as we narrowed things down for this month’s UMC20 Best Of.

Let us know how we did, when you listen after the jump!

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NashLive! Announces NashNights! Music Industry Mixer on March 20

One of the goals of NashLive! is to build community, with artists and creatives of all disciplines, shapes, and sizes.

With that, we present you with the first of many invitations to get to know the NashLive! community, up close and personal!

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What is ‘Good Art,’ Anyway?

Today is a very special day: it’s 8 1/2 years to the date of the very day The Quinn Spinn was conceived.

Through the years, we’ve had the chance to appreciate art — and especially, music — in all of its forms. All the while, we’ve tinkered with our own art form (this show), as we’ve experimented with different ways to communicate our truth.

In the process, we’ve learned that true art cannot be put into a box.

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