UMC20: Gettin’ Alternative (Feb. 8, 2022)

If you like alternative — whether that’s rock or pop — get in here.

That’s the flavor of a lot of our recent submissions, so we’re going to give these tunes some shine! We also found a few out in the world that we’re digging, so we threw those into the mix, too.

It’s all here, and it’s all for you. Enjoy!

Track listing
Our Lady Peace – Run
Forts Like Vana – OVER IT
HALLIE – Fangs
Beth Keeping – I’m not looking for a friend
Seth Witcher – I’ll Be OK
Ryan Meeking – Better!
Alexa Villa – Good Girl
AstroGun – The Way Back World
Sea Glass – New Romans
Niagara Moon – Bad Vibes
Wrong Eagle – Crazy
Borrowed Sparks – Are You Listening (Live at The Smoakstack)
Riley Haynie – Believe
Glamper – Fried Bologna
Ren Richards – My All
Guy Snowdon & The Citizens – In My Stride
Eric & The Soo – It’s OK to be Beautiful
Annie Keating – Twenty 22
Emanuel Casablanca ft. Eric Gales – Blood on My Hands
Eli Autry – Water Into Whiskey

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