WATCH: ‘Believer’ Video Follows MIDTONES’ Daily Journey

Do you believe in your own dreams?

That question posed to the person in the glass serves as the inspiration for “Believer,” the song behind MIDTONES latest video.

“This song is inspired by the inner dialogue that bubbles up when chasing the next big idea — all the highs and lows, and flashes of inspiration and moments of doubt that inevitably come along with it,” said MIDTONES’ lead singer and songwriter Daniel Brown. “Sometimes, the hardest person to convince in pursuit of your dreams is the one staring back in the mirror. ‘Believer’ is all about asking yourself the tough questions that can make or break it all.”

We all encounter those questions, and it’s important to have a strong support system in those moments. From the video for “Believer,” we can see that MIDTONES have no shortage of love for when the going gets tough. The visuals — brought to life by Jen Winterbotham and Andrew Hendrix of Brooklyn-based Circulatory Cinema — show the band in their element in and around Nashville, as they visit their favorite haunts, spend time with those closest to them and, of course, strum along to some tunes.

Join the MIDTONES family! Check out the video for “Believer” below!

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