Wrong Eagle’s ‘Crazy’ Will Help You Get Over a Cheater in No Time

Three minutes are all Wrong Eagle needs to take us through love’s soaring highs and extreme lows.

It’s all covered on their new single “Crazy,” which progresses effortlessly, yet abruptly from dreamy math rock to angsty grunge-punk to illustrate the sudden turn in one’s romantic fortunes. The band’s self-described “twinkly” guitar intro — reminiscent of the warm romanticism of early Minus the Bear soundscapes — explodes with a burst of anguish just after the 1:10 mark, as our protagonist discovers that his lover has a cheating heart. From there, we move steadfastly through the stages of grief, as the lyrics progress from self-blame to self-assurance, eventually coming to the resolution of, “I’m better off now.”

“Crazy” was recorded and engineered by Wrong Eagle guitarist Alex Sanchez alongside the late Steve Werbelow at Porter Rose Studio. Mixing was performed by Daniel Rice at Gravity Boots Recording, with mastering by Will Foley.

“Crazy” is the first of three singles coming this winter and spring from Wrong Eagle. Have a listen below!

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