Songs You Should Hear: Friendships Taken Too Far; Not Today, Satan

If you listened to this week’s UMC20, then you already know that independent artists have been bringing the fire to us lately, from coast to coast. This week’s submission haul is a music fan’s delight, no matter your flavor

I chose a few tunes from this week’s playlist, and gave them a closer listen. Whether you’re more into bright hooks or poignant messages, you’ll be glad that you checked out what awaits you after the jump.

Artist: Guyville
Song: Should Have Never Dated
Genre: Rock
Why you should hear it: This edgy, 90s-inspired indie rock tune is devoted to romantic relationships that would have been better off had they remained platonic.

According to band member Kat Hamilton, “We had both had bad experiences of dating music collaborators and bandmates. We both talked about how we wished we had kept those relationships platonic. This camaraderie is really the basis of our musical partnership. It was really fun for me to bring my queer experience to the track. It was a cool way to highlight the ways Emily and I had similar problems in mixing work with pleasure, regardless of the gender of our lovers.”

Artist: Jaxon
Song: Devil’s in the Dog House
Genre: Hip hop/soul
Why you should hear it: Simply put, this one feels good! The bright vibes put forth by this sun-drenched single are the byproduct of a jazz-infused instrumental and a positive message.

Jaxon says: “The driving message behind this song is that life is good. When I say the ‘Devil’s in the dog house,’ I mean that the Devil is in trouble, because he is not doing a good job of making our lives miserable!”

Artist: Pierce Alexander
Song: Too Real
Genre: Folk rock/dream pop
Why you should hear it: If you’ve ever felt lonely, even in the most bustling of cities, you might relate to this hazy, introspective ballad. The Charleston, SC native’s stark honesty on “Too Real” illustrates the moments when our search for connection leads us to dead ends, with lyrics like…

“We’re all shot down /
It’s gotten cold and the sense of isolation pervades /
Our souls
The cigarettes in our eyes are bringing it to light.”

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