Not-So-Happy Together? Rose Starring Delivers a Haunting Take on a Classic

It takes quite an artistic vision to turn a song as bright as The Turtles’ iconic “Happy Together” and make it morbid.

Rose Starring had that artistic vision.

The Florida native self-produced a haunting cover of the 1967 classic, which was released this past Friday. Starring traded in the bright, jangly instrumentation and cheery harmonies for a creepy, cinematic ambiance straight out of Phantom of the Opera — an endeavor that she has carried forward from her most formative musical experience.

“My sister and I used to mess around at the piano by taking the most happy, positive, bubblegum pop songs we could think of and turning them into emotional ballads,” Starring said. “It really made me realize how much the delivery of a song can totally change the color of the words being said. Ever since then, I find myself listening closely to happy or romantic songs and thinking, ‘Could this be turned creepy? Sad? Haunting?’ I’ve been obsessed with ‘Happy Together’ ever since I owned an iPod, so I thought this would be the perfect subject for my experimenting with just how much you can change a song with its production and vocal delivery.

It’s an unforgettable take on one of the 1960s’ most memorable tunes, and it’s here for you!

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