Songs You Should Hear: International Flavors; Spring Approaches

We felt it was important to highlight a couple of international artists this week, because we are all one, global community. That goes for music and everything else. We stand for peace and unity across countries and cultures here at UMC.

In tandem with that, we received some excellent, dynamic submissions from artists who originated on the other side of the Atlantic this week. So, let’s expand those horizons — before we bring it back home — with some Songs You Should Hear!

Artist: Alessandro Montelli
Song: Whistle Song
Genre: Alt-Pop/Rock
Why you should hear it: Born out of the depths of a Canadian winter, the Italian-born Montelli wrote “Whistle Song” “about feeling lonely and missing someone in a city that seems submerged by the cold, where all you desire is the company of a stranger, or a new partner.” The tune’s pop sensibility is given a powerful boost by punk and hard rock influences that find their way into the mix, making for an emotional soundscape that underscores the singer’s loneliness.

Artist: Sasha Sky
Song: Repeat
Genre: Pop/R&B
Why you should hear it: Coming to us from across the pond in London, Sasha Sky’s smoky vocals put the exclamation point on a soulful soundscape marked by jazz-infused guitar and a smoldering trap beat. As for the lyrical content of “Repeat,” Sasha had this to say:

“The song is about recognising a toxic pattern in the person you’re romantically involved with and realising that you deserve to be loved, respected and treated better altogether. It is about being lied to and deceived by them. It is about realising that they will continue to hurt you for as long as you let them, because as much as they act like they care, thats all it is — an act. They’ll just continue to do the bare minimum to stay part of your life, all while hurting and betraying you in the process”

Artist: Stacy Gabel
Song: Sunny Days
Genre: Country Pop
Why you should hear it: We’re all waitin’ on spring at this point, aren’t we? Well, the Pennsylvania-based songstress speaks to the moment, filling the gap between the holidays and the return of warm weather with these bright, yet wistful chords that signify the approaching end of winter. If there were ever an appropriate song for this time of year, it’s this one.

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