PHOTOS: NashLive! x #PopRocks! at Springwater Supper Club

Community building superpowers united on the West End this past Saturday night!

NashLive! teamed up with the monthly Pop Rocks! showcase this past weekend for a follow-up to our first collaboration back in November. This time, we were at Springwater Supper Club, and we were joined by our friends Music City Movement alongside Jon Pattie, Natasha Blaine, and TROY.

As you might guess, the Pop Rocks! showcase highlights all things pop and rock in Music City. This month’s lineup drew from a varied palette. Jon Pattie’s energetic, alt-rock-infused set brought the energy early on, before giving way to the soothing, jazzy tones and intricate musicianship of Natasha Blaine and her band. Then, in the end, TROY tied it all together with his engaging presence, big-league hooks, and relatable lyrics about love and life itself.

NashLive! is cooking up more for this spring. In the meantime, take a look through our lens at the action from Springwater!

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