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Why Support UMC? We’ll Give You 30 Good Reasons

In case you didn’t know, Underground Music Collective is a fiscally-sponsored project of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville. That means that any donations you make at that link are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permissible by law.

And, if you ask us, that’s just one of many reasons we can think of to support UMC!

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The Importance of the Artist-Audience Connection with Nathan Dohse, Founder of AGD Entertainment

Nathan Dohse is the founder of AGD Entertainment and the author of the Zero to 60 by AGD artist development program. In 8 years, AGD Entertainment and its team of artist coaches has helped hundreds of artists develop their careers as they navigate the ever-changing music industry.

Nathan has much to share with us, including the importance of storytelling as a means of connecting an artist with their audience. Get ready for an insightful journey today on The Quinn Spinn!


UMC20: The Best of March 2022

Can you believe that we’re already at the quarter pole of 2022?

It’s hard to believe that New Year’s Day is already three months behind us. Much has happened in the world since then, as it has in music.

We have a month’s worth of those musical happenings right here, rolled into a compilation that paints a beautiful picture of this wild and wonderful month. Get your fix of the Best of March below!

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Making Your Pitch: Using Your EPK to Discover New Musical Opportunities

A couple weeks ago on the Muze blog, we took a deep dive into the components of a complete, thorough musician’s Electronic Press Kit (EPK). This virtual promotional package is an all-in-one look and listen which highlights who you are as an artist. Having an EPK is an essential component to telling your story to music industry tastemakers, including media outlets, talent buyers, and others who offer creative or professional services to help you further your career.

Now, for the million-dollar question: what do you do once it’s complete?

You pitch it!

However – like anything else you do in the digital space – you’ll want to pitch responsibly, and understand the steps that you can take to ensure your music lands in the right hands and has an opportunity to shine. In this week’s article, we’ll cover:

Sound like fun? Let’s jump in!

Want to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about pitching your music? Sign up for UMC’s on-demand Perfect Your Pitch course!

WATCH: On ‘I of the Hurricane,’ Alex Radus Rallies Against the Egocentric

Have you ever met somebody who, at all costs, absolutely must remain the center of attention?

“I of the Hurricane” — the latest from Alex Radus‘ forthcoming album, Tributaries — Recorded Live at Godfrey Daniels — is a slow-burning, at-times-scathing account of these individuals and the paths of destruction they tend to leave behind

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Songs You Should Hear: Get ‘All Wrapped Up’ in Some Colorful Rock Tunes

Jenna’s back this week with some Songs You Should Hear, and she has selected songs that span varying aspects of the human experience.

We’ve got fun and heartbreak alike on this week’s compilation, with rock (and similar genres) being the common bond that all of these tunes share. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, we implore you to do just that below.

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Crowdfunding 101 for Artists: Tips and Tricks with Nicole Hoglund of 94twenty

Nicole Hoglund is one of the hosts of the 94twenty podcast, which is described as a “journey through the music we love (and the industry we tolerate).” Nicole is also one of the architects behind the 94twenty artist crowdfunding platform, which helps artists raise capital for their upcoming projects, and a business development coach with more than 15 years’ experience in marketing and organizational communication and restructuring.

Today on The Quinn Spinn, Nicole shares valuable insights into crowdfunding best practices, and the ways artists can find success doing what they love. This is a must-listen for any artist looking to turn their passions into a career, and it’s here for you on The Quinn Spinn!


PREMIERE: Borrowed Sparks Set to Release ‘Patron Saint,’ Live from The Smoakstack

Since the latter stages of 2021, Borrowed Sparks — the project of Americana-punk singer-songwriter Mike Bay — has been releasing live cuts recorded at Nashville-based studio, The Smoakstack.

The final installment drops this Friday, and it’s a truly gripping rendition of one of the band’s most poignant tunes.

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