PREMIERE: Alex Radus May Not ‘Play Like Django,’ But His Music Sure Does Captivate!

Genre-bending storyteller Alex Radus is preparing to release his live album, Tributaries–Recorded Live at Godfrey Daniels, on April 7. Today, we have your first taste — and it’s a fan-favorite from Radus’ live performances in his native Pennsylvania!

This Friday, Radus will release a live rendition of “We Can’t Play Like Django,” the lead single from the anticipated live album. The single — coined by Radus as “a lighthearted creation myth of the celebrated jazz manouche (gypsy jazz) guitarist, Django Reinhardt” — features a “fan art” take on how Reinhardt became one of the most influential guitarists in jazz history, while celebrating the lament that nobody, for all of their prowess, can play guitar quite like him. The performance was recorded live at the historic Godfrey Daniels listening room in Bethlehem, PA, and features enthralling improvisational performances from featured jazz quartet, Pyrenesia.

“I wrote ‘Django’ while immersed in swing music at Augusta Heritage, a nonprofit center for the preservation of traditional music. There, I fell in love with the music of Django Reinhardt,” Radus said. “I went for a trail run one morning in the hills of West Virginia. The hot club melodies and rhythms were still in my head from jams the night before. By the time I finished the run, ‘Django’ was fully written.”

He continues, “To me, this is the perfect version of this song. Featuring fiddle, accordion and a ‘real’ guitar player (unlike me), this version is exactly how I heard it in my head on that run many moons ago.”

Hear Radus’ long-term vision come to life, and immerse yourself in “Django” before anyone else!

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