Heal Your Anxiety to the Tune of smudgeout’s ‘hums & hymns’

How do you cope when your anxiety bubbles to the surface?

Indie rock artist smudgeout released her latest single, “hums & hymns,” with a featured performance from hip hop artist Carl!. The groovy, upbeat tune is a lighthearted account of the ways anxious feelings can affect us — and what we can do about it.

“’hums & hymns’ is about recognizing and accommodating feelings of anxiety as they surface,” smudgeout told UMC. “First, we must acknowledge our thoughts, then exercise healing coping mechanisms to grow.”

Vocals and drums on “hums & hymns” were recorded in the University of New Haven’s main studio, where smudgeout is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Recording. Vocals were self-recorded, and the track was mixed right here in Nashville, where she is currently spending the semester completing an internship.

Start your week off right with “hums & hymns” below!

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