LISTEN: The Break Plans Are ‘Fashionably Late’ with Anthemic New Single

It had been a minute since we heard from Freehold, NJ’s The Break Plans. The alt-pop outfit spent the better part of COVID-19 lockdowns writing and recording, preparing a new EP that we are all sure to enjoy this year.

The first single is here, and it begs the question: why be anybody else, when you can just be yourself?

“Fashionably Late” features soaring synths and triumphant vocals, as it celebrates the late bloomers among us. The single — written and recorded in December 2021 — was the last of the band’s new batch of songs to be completed; yet, it serves as the perfect introduction to what is to come.

“‘Fashionably Late’ is about that moment when a person realizes, ‘I am who I am, take it or leave it!’ Yeah, maybe it took them longer than most people to come to the realization that they are comfortable in their own skin. But, better late than never,” the band said. “This song hits home for us as songwriters, because we’ve lived this feeling of being late bloomers. We believe the message behind the song can speak to so many people — that it’s okay to be who you are and say who you are.

Don’t be late — check out The Break Plans’ latest below!

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