LISTEN: J.Antonette Returns with ‘Back Pocket’

J.Antonette is back again with her first all-new single of 2022 — and in the process, she wants you to remember that you should never settle for being treated as second best.

“Back Pocket” is a mid-tempo country pop tune with permeating emo influences. Produced by co-writer Sherrill Allen Mitchum, the single serves to empower us past “situationships” where the other individual refuses to appreciate our worth.

“After watching a friend go through the ridiculous back and forth of a one-sided relationship, I was inspired to write about it. Someone who loves you will never make you feel second best. They will choose you,” the singer said. “They won’t use you as an option. If you take anything away from this song, please remind yourself of your worth. Always remember that you are enough. You deserve to be someone’s first choice! No one should keep you in their back pocket!”

A dear friend of UMC, J.Antonette also is the founder of Bundle Up Nash, a charity movement committed to helping the homeless and the Tennessee Foster Care system through community music events. Follow that Instagram handle we just linked for more information on that, and check out “Back Pocket” below!

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