PREMIERE: Nicole Boggs & The Reel Have the ‘Existential Blues’

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic made many of us question just about everything about the state of the world — and our places in it.

This feeling was palpable for Nicole Boggs & The Reel, and it helped them create some of their most gripping art to date with their new single, “Existential Blues.”

Hard-driving guitars and Boggs’ always-robust vocals kick things into high gear from the jump, as the band clings to a romantic partner as the only thing left to believe in during uncertain times. This self-proclaimed “love song wrapped in neurotic” progresses toward warm ambiance in the refrain, marked by gorgeous three-part harmonies that illustrate the beauty of true connection.

The single — the band’s first from its upcoming album, Dystopian Book Club — will be released this Wednesday, March 16. It’s also the band’s first single to feature Boggs on bass. A music video for “Existential Blues” is coming on March 30, followed by a series of singles leading to the album’s release on August 1.

Ready to feel those “Existential Blues?” Hear it first below!

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