Crowdfunding Spotlight: ‘Ten Year’ is ‘A Queer Story Not Just for Queer People’

We’re back with another Crowdfunding Spotlight — and this time, we’re taking a turn into the realm of musical theatre.

We had a chance to chat with Wesley King, a singer-songwriter and composer who, together with writing partner Jacob Heinz, is part of the creative force behind Ten Year. Ten Year is a musical which followed the journey of a gay man as he approaches his 10-year high school reunion, while addressing the feelings we all encounter when we come to a crossroads in life.

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First, tell us about the project: What’s the style/overall theme?
Ten Year is a contemporary musical with a singer-songwriter musical flair. It centers around Sam, a young gay man attending his 10-year high school reunion. He is anxious to see everyone with their spouses, families, and careers while he is still stuck in the past, living at home with his mom, and still working the same job since high school. He is also anxious to see his secret high school flame, Charlie, whom he hasn’t seen since graduation. This could be his chance to get answers or closure or to even rekindle the flame. However, things don’t go as planned, and Sam must decide if he is going to continue to live in the past, or if he is going to move on with his life.

How far along is the creative process? (Are you in the writing stages, recording, mixing/mastering, etc.)
We are raising money for our production. We will begin rehearsals in May, and the show will open June 2-4 at the Darkhorse Theater in Nashville.

What has fan response been to the crowdfunding campaign so far?
Our fans have been wonderful! We are almost to our current fundraising goal. Our fans have also really enjoyed the content we’ve shared so far. We are so excited for them to finally see the full production!

How will fan contributions help ensure the project’s completion (i.e.; where will the funds go?)
It is expensive to mount a theatre production! The money we raise will go towards venue expenses, set building, costumes, and props. It will also go to our amazing actors, musicians, and crew.

What will fans get in return for supporting your project?
Fans will get a fantastic story and production to kick off Pride Month this summer!

There are a lot of creative projects out there in need of funding. Why is *this* the one fans should get behind?
We are trying to tell a queer story when our state legislature and neighboring states are trying to erase and silence queer voices. The truth is, we are stronger as a people because we learn about those who are different from us. This is a queer story, but it isn’t just for queer people. It is a story about regret and living in the past, rather than being present in the moment. That is something that everyone can relate to. This story just happens to center around a queer character.

What is your fundraising goal?
At least $5,000, to ensure we can pay everyone!

What is your fundraising deadline?
May 1.

Where can fans go to support the project and learn more?
Folks can donate at They can also follow our journey on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook!

Want more from Ten Year? Hear “Bad for Me,” an original composition from the production, below!

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