Songs You Should Hear: Get ‘All Wrapped Up’ in Some Colorful Rock Tunes

Jenna’s back this week with some Songs You Should Hear, and she has selected songs that span varying aspects of the human experience.

We’ve got fun and heartbreak alike on this week’s compilation, with rock (and similar genres) being the common bond that all of these tunes share. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, we implore you to do just that below.

Artist: American Goon
Song:  All Wrapped Up
Genre: Rock ‘n Roll
Why You Should Hear It: This is retro-inspired, real rock ‘n roll. “All Wrapped Up” is best listened to dancing beside a motorcycle and sipping on a milkshake, while wearing a leather jacket and a high ponytail.

Artist: Annika Bennett
Song: Every Color of the Rainbow
Genre: Singer-songwriter
Why You Should Hear It: Equally heartbreaking lyrics and vocal expression paint the predicament of being held captive by the way an unpredictable lover lights up the world “with every fucking color of the rainbow.”

Artist: Charlie’s Carnival Band
Song: Bathtub Gin
Genre: Carnival indie rock/Americana
Why You Should Hear It: Dylan Whitlow is a master of clever, catchy, amusing lyrics. You won’t be able to help but smile while bopping along, playing air kazoo, and jamming out to this banger of a track.

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