UMC20: The Best of March 2022

Can you believe that we’re already at the quarter pole of 2022?

It’s hard to believe that New Year’s Day is already three months behind us. Much has happened in the world since then, as it has in music.

We have a month’s worth of those musical happenings right here, rolled into a compilation that paints a beautiful picture of this wild and wonderful month. Get your fix of the Best of March below!

Track listing
Quickdraw Kid – Put You in Your Place
Rooftops – Now I Know
Wrong Eagle – 29
Alessandro Montelli – Whistle Song
smudgeout – hums & hymns
Whalien – Tastin’
Bird Screaming Planet – Space Ride to the Outside
Ice Island – Population
Nowhere North – Hurt
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – Existential Blues
Close Kicks – Coming Up
Ashley Myles – Fire
Alex Radus – I of the Hurricane (Live)
J.Antonette – Back Pocket
The Break Plans – Fashionably Late
Sasha Sky – Repeat
Ria Barkr – work for it
Foundation Mecca – Go Away
Raimie – Insecure

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