Songs You Should Hear: Self-Love, Relationships, and Sellin’ Out

Jenna’s taking the reigns on this week’s Songs You Should Hear once again, and it’s another exciting volume full of bops.

As the headline suggests, there’s plenty of love to go around here (whether from another, or from oneself). There’s also a lament snuck in about the lack of community… but at least we’re able to muse over it while having fun!

Artist: Ahli
Song: Twin Size
Genre: Indie pop/rock
Why You Should Hear It: “Twin Size” is a celebration of independence that fondly remembers past partnership, but sinks into self love and the comfort of knowing that you are your own one and only, and the best partner you’ll ever have. 

Artist: Sam Gyllenhaal Band
Song: Mary Does
Genre: Pop/rock/Americana
Why You Should Hear It: This sweet bop of a love song builds more and more upon itself the longer you listen. Before you know it, you’ll be tapping your feet and singing harmony in your bedroom.

Artist: Uncle Sexy and the Nephews
Song: Mailman
Genre: Blues rock
Why You Should Hear It: Errbody’s sellin’ out! What ever happened to small business, buying local, building community, and doing good in the world? We’re all in it for ourselves, so we might as well rock out.

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