LISTEN: The Bishop Boys’ Bright Folk-Rock Anthem, ‘Halfway There’

The days are getting longer. The sun is getting brighter. We’re moving toward better days, and it’s time to hit the road.

Today, we have a new single from The Bishop Boys to accompany you wherever that road may lead.

The Windsor, Ontario indie rock outfit — fronted by Austin Di Pietro and Andrew Adoranti — released “Halfway There” last month. An upbeat, folk-influenced soundscape is hallmarked by the pair’s unison vocals, upbeat percussion, warm organ tones, and emotive guitar work. Together, these elements build in ascension toward an epic group singalong of the tune’s hopeful refrain.

“Oh, we just keep moving on / Lord, I’m trying to right my wrongs.”

“Halfway There” is the second single from The Bishop Boys’ forthcoming album, Old Friends, Brief Ends, which is slated to arrive in May. The album, written over the course of five years, is a coming-of-age story riddled with themes of unrequited love, carefree summer nights, and the sobering inevitability of growing up.

Get a taste before you try the whole thing next month. Check out “Halfway There” below!

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