LISTEN: On ‘Just Pretty,’ Haley Ganis Pens Letter to an Ex

Moving on is difficult — especially when, deep down, you still believe that your old flame deserves more.

That’s where Haley Ganis enters the conversation. The Nashville-based indie pop artist released “Just Pretty” last month, as a letter to an ex who has moved on to not-such-greener pastures. Check out the lyrics to the chorus:

‘Cause she don’t know you like I do
Her attitude is shitty
She don’t want what’s best for you at all
I don’t say this to cause a stir
Or ‘cause you’re not still with me
I like to think there’s more to her
But she’s just pretty.

-Haley Ganis, “Just Pretty”

Sonically, “Just Pretty” evolved over time into a pop punk-inspired powerhouse that, despite its bittersweet tone, is cathartic to anyone in search of closure.

“I am so incredibly proud of the journey this song has taken,” says Haley. “What started out as a ballad eventually made its way to a kickass anthem that I’m obsessed with. I couldn’t have done it without my producer, Dylan Maloney, and all of the amazingly talented musicians who played on this track for me.”

Here’s to love that goes beyond the surface. Check out “Just Pretty” below!

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